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Church Beliefs

What We Believe

We Believe

We believe that when God got ready to say the most important thing in history, He sent Jesus. By His words and miracles, Jesus proclaimed Himself to be the Son of God.  In so doing, Jesus delivered God's message and demonstrated His love by dying on a Roman cross for our sin. Because of His sacrifice and His resurrection from death, you can receive eternal life!

We Believe

We believe that if you confess that Jesus is Lord and trust in His resurrection, eternal life begins right now. When Jesus is Lord of your life, then you are truly alive – now and forever with Him in Heaven.

We Believe

We believe that living for Christ is the greatest and best life you can possibly live. Living for Him will touch every other area of your life, both in His church and throughout the community where you live.

Senior Pastor
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Jennifer Harris

Children's Director

Mark Gregory

Business Administrator

Corey Redding

10:30 Worship Leader

Stacy .JPG
Stacy Walker

Office Manager

Ben Fountain

College & Young Adult Minister

EW1_07832 - 2.jpg
Emma Metcalf

10:30 Worship Leader

Jake Ehrlich

Youth Minister

Glenn Rowland

8:00 Worship Leader

Beth Streeter

Office Manager

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